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UMB Experts is a database of expertise across disciplines at University of Maryland, Baltimore. This tool can be used to find collaborators and their work by searching profiles of UMB’s research faculty. Build teams and research relationships by searching by name, department, or concept. The HS/HSL and the Office of Research and Development are collaborating to offer UMB Experts. Assistance: email:hshsl@umaryland.edu; call: 410-706-7996; view: http://goo.gl/AhOA7R for an overview, http://goo.gl/nXSbKu for editing profile.

Recent Research Outputs

  1. Mutation of ATF6 causes autosomal recessive achromatopsia

    Riazuddin, S. , Ahmed, Z. M. & 19 others Ansar, M., Santos-Cortez, R. L. P., Saqib, M. A. N., Zulfiqar, F., Lee, K., Ashraf, N. M., Ullah, E., Wang, X., Sajid, S., Khan, F. S., Amin-ud-Din, M., University Of Washington Center For Mendelian Genomics, O. W. C. F. M. G., Smith, J. D., Shendure, J., Bamshad, M. J., Nickerson, D. A., Hameed, A., Ahmad, W. & Leal, S. M. Jun 11 2015 In : Human Genetics.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  2. SIRT6 protein deacetylase interacts with MYH DNA glycosylase, APE1 endonuclease, and Rad9-Rad1-Hus1 checkpoint clamp

    Hwang, B. J., Jin, J., Gao, Y., Shi, G., Madabushi, A., Yan, A., Guan, X., Zalzman, M., Nakajima, S., Lan, L. & Lu, A. L. Jun 11 2015 In : BMC Molecular Biology.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  3. Nursing Education: A Solution to Healthcare's Gordian Knot?

    Murphy, L. S. & Warshawsky, N. E. Jun 11 2015 In : Journal of Nursing Administration. 45, 6, p. 302-304 3 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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